Conclusion to Season 3 (part2)

Episode 7 December 04, 2021 00:50:40
Conclusion to Season 3 (part2)
Date Your Ego, Marry Your Soul
Conclusion to Season 3 (part2)

Dec 04 2021 | 00:50:40


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Serafina Salvador

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In this episode, we get to hear about Pre & Perinatal Psychology and Our First 1001 Days. We learn about the significance of these two fields from two highly experienced teachers : Binnie. A. Dansby ( and Elmer Postle ( I bet you never thought that asking the question, “ How was I born?” might be significant to unlocking abundance in your present day life. This episode is here to tell you it is very significant : to you, your children, your family and therefore the planet. Enjoy!

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